The American Friends of the Château de Compiägne

New York

President’s Message

The Château de Compiägne is the “neglected sister” of the French Royal Palaces, so often ignored in favor of its richer siblings such as Versailles. And it is so often the case that American visitors to Paris do not tend to roam North where they venture forth into the countryside.

But Compiägne will richly reward the journey. It is an amazing evocation of French history and art, and deserves to be so much better known – which is, indeed, one of the objectives of this organization.

Please do consider joining us. We believe in empowering French culture in a convivial and stylish, yet intelligent, way. I do hope we can welcome you to one of our events.

Yours sincerely,


Miles Young

Board of Directors

Honorary Advisors

Executive Committee

New York Chapter


Restoration of the Ladies-in-Waiting Salon

Inaugurated in 1810, the Ladies-in-Waiting Salon is the only room of the Château de Compiägne to have kept its original dÇcor and furniture of the First Empire, and in particular its fabrics. It was used as a reception area for the Ladies of the Court. The important first steps in carrying out this restoration have been made by researching both materials and methods in collaboration with the textile archive kept by the French silk manufacturer Tassinari & Châtel, inherited from Grand Fräres. From the pictures it can be seen that the colors of the fabrics and trimmings were very bright in comparison with the colors seen today. Recently, the restoration team has been busy at work thanks to the funds raised by the American Friends of the Château de Compiägne. The first chairs and armchairs are currently being restored, and the entire restoration will continue until May 2015.