The American Friends of the Château de Compiägne



The American Friends of the Château de Compiägne (AFCDC) is a non-profit organization that was established in May 2006, and originally based in North Carolina. It has been headquartered in New York since 2012, with the goal of promoting an appreciation of French history and culture through the study of, and support for, the Château de Compiägne in France.

The Château, built as a royal residence for Louis XV, became one of only three seats of royal and imperial government in France; the others being Versailles and Fontainebleau. Following the French Revolution, it was restored by NapolÇon Bonaparte and became one of his preferred residences. During the Second Empire, NapolÇon III also adopted the Château de Compiägne as a favorite residence, and carried out extensive redecoration there.

Today, the Château stands well-preserved. One of the goals of the AFCDC is to increase awareness of the historic and artistic treasures of the Château, thereby fostering friendship and cultural interchanges between France and the United States. With the encouragement of our French friends in Compiägne, we envision an organization that will embrace supporters of the Château de Compiägne from throughout the United States. The AFCDC hopes to strengthen the long-standing friendship between France and the United States while generating support for this important monument.